Conversations with the Choreographers…

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Conversation with Ashley Wheater – Artistic Director, The Joffrey Ballet
What can you tell us about Body of Your Dreams? Why did you choose this piece for Dance for Life?
Body of Your Dreams is a brilliantly conceived idea inspired by Jacob Ter Veldhuis’ music of taking infomercials and sequencing in rhythms about our ever-obsessive conversation about our bodies. I chose it for Dance For Life because Myles Thatcher is an extremely talented,  multi-layered artist who found the athleticism, humor and poignancy in the message—and because it’s very engaging for the audience.
Why do you think Dance for Life, now in its 27th year, has been so successful? What is special about the Chicago dance community?
Chicago dance is a continuation of the Chicago community and commitment to working together for the greater good. Dance For Life epitomizes the collaborative spirit that is so important to our humanity.

What do you enjoy about living in Chicago beyond being part of the dance community?
I love everything about living in Chicago: the people, the art, the beauty, the creativity in our city. On any night of the week, you can experience something original and creative, but what truly makes it great are the people that live in it. I’ve enjoyed meeting so many people in my time here. They enrich my life.